August Update Blog

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New Features: 

  • Roadmap reports in the PowerBI Templates: You can now enable Roadmap reports in the Power BI Template for Project reporting.  


Upcoming Features: 

  • Guest Users: Add guest users & assign tasks to them. Guest users can view projects shared with them.  
  • Different Dependencies: Users with Project Plan 3 licenses or higher will be able to add Finish-to-Finish, Start-to-Start, and Start-to-Finish dependencies to their tasks.  
  • Critical Path: Users with Project Plan 3 licenses or higher will be able to highlight the tasks that affect their project’s finish date in the Timeline view.  
  • Allow Microsoft 365 users to provide progress updates on their assigned tasks: Users with Microsoft 365 licenses can mark their Project for the web tasks complete and change the percent complete for their tasks without a Project license.   



Last Month:  

Question: Project for the web users can add several different types of custom fields to each of their projects. How many custom fields can a Project user add to one project? 

Answer: Users can add up to 10 local task custom fields per project in Project for the web. To learn more about local custom fields, you can check out our blog post here. 


This Month:  

Question: Project for the web supports several different types of constraints on your tasks. What does the acronym FNET stand for when it comes to constraints? 


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