Microsoft 365 Developer Community Call recording – 30th of September, 2021

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Call Summary

Have a look at Microsoft 365 tenant – script samples gallery (90 scenarios and 118 scripts, using CLI for Microsoft 365, PnP PowerShell, SPO Management Shell tooling and more…).  Register Today for Hacktoberfest 2021 - Begins October 1.   Attend an event in October – November hosted by Sharing is Caring.  Sign up for the PnP Recognition Program.  Project releases this week include PnP Core SDK - PnP Transformation Framework: Public Preview, Yo teams - generator-teams - v3.3.0 GA and - yoteams-build-core v1.3.0 GA.   


Open-source project status:  (Bold indicates new this call)

Project Current Version Release/Status
PnP .NET Libraries - PnP Framework v1.6.0 GA, PnP Provisioning Engine Schema v202103 Version 1.7.0 – Early Autumn 2021
PnP .NET Libraries - PnP Core SDK v1.3.0 GA, PnP Transformation Framework: Public Preview released! Version 1.4.0 – Early Autumn 2021
PnP PowerShell v1.7.0 GA Working on v1.8, In progress: v2 POC
Yo teams - generator-teams v3.3.0 GA  
Yo teams - yoteams-build-core v1.3.0 GA  
Yo teams – yoteams-deploy v1.0.1 GA  
Yo teams - msteams-react-base-component v3.1.0  
Microsoft Graph Toolkit (MGT) v2.3.0 GA  


* Note:  While version releases are periodic, nightly releases are nightly!  Subscribe to nightly releases for the latest capabilities.      

As well, there were 4 Script samples and 3 Teams samples this week.  The host of this call was Paolo Pialorsi ( | @paolopia.  Q&A takes place in chat throughout the call.






Microsoft Teams Development Samples:  (


Microsoft Power Platform Samples:  (

  • No new Power Platform samples this week


Script Samples:  (


Together Mode!




A fully packed room!  Waiting on the beginning of a new year where we will be able to get together in person again.      


Demos delivered in this session

  • Teams Leaderboard – measure Channel engagement with a Teams Toolkit sample in Blazor – use Gamefication approach for displaying activity from a Microsoft Teams channel.   Sample uses TeamsFx for scaffolding a Teams Blazor project, calls Microsoft Graph to retrieve messages and reactions and a simple UI to visualize the Leaderboard.  Populate dropdowns with Team and Channel IDs.   App counts/returns score data for evaluated activities (messages initiated, reactions, responses) for user selected activity in targeted Teams Channel.      

  • Surface an embedded web chat that can communicate with users in a Teams Channel – application sample allowing Microsoft Teams to interact with external users via Web Chat.  Uses Bot Framework, Azure Cosmos DB to store conversations, adaptive cards and activity handlers for conversation.  Architecture and code reviewed.   External user submits request in Web Chat form.   Communications about request limited to internal Teams channel except when Bot is @ mentioned.  Easily add new channel, web chat bot to app. 

  • Updates on Independent Publisher Connectors for Power Platform & UK Bank Holidays Connector Demo –  time off request app using independent publisher connector to grab a list of UK Government Bank Holidays (json).  Employees quickly determine if time being requested falls on a bank holiday negating the need to request time off for those official holidays.  User enters dates in request form, Power Automate flow processes the request - checks holidays and returns answer.   Create a connector during Hactoberfest 2021.

Thank you for your work. Samples are often showcased in Demos.    Request a Demo spot on the call


Topics covered in this call

  • PnP .NET library updates - Paolo Pialorsi ( | @paolopia 9:20
  • PnP PowerShell - Erwin van Hunen (Valo Intranet) | @erwinvanhunen  12:30
  • yo Teams updates - Paolo Pialorsi ( | @paolopia  14:54
  • Microsoft Graph Toolkit updates - Beth Pan (Microsoft) @beth_panx – 15:39
  • Microsoft Script Samples -  Paul Bullock (CaPa Creative Ltd) | @pkbullock 03:14
  • Microsoft Teams Samples - Bob German (Microsoft) @Bob1German  17:42
  • Microsoft Power Platform Samples - Paolo Pialorsi ( | @paolopia – 20:41
  • D1:  Teams Leaderboard – measure Channel engagement with a Teams Toolkit sample in Blazor – Thomas Gölles (Solvion) | @thomyg 22:23

  • D2:  Surface an embedded web chat that can communicate with users in a Teams Channel – Lee Ford (Symity) | @lee_ford 35:10

  • D3:  Updates on Independent Publisher Connectors for Power Platform & UK Bank Holidays Connector Demo – Natalie Pienkowska (Microsoft) | @NataliePienkow1 & Martyn Lesbirel (Dynamiti) 45:05


Additional resources around the covered topics and links from the slides.



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Microsoft 365 PnP team, Microsoft - 1st of October 2021

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