Azure Synapse Influencer Program: Passionate about Azure Synapse!

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The Azure Synapse Analytics community is at the core of everything we do, and the Azure Synapse Influencer program connects and supports community members like you, who are passionate about helping each other achieve more with cloud analytics.  


Azure Synapse Influencers range in expertise and engagement level, but they all share one common goal—to help others get connected and expand their knowledge of Azure Synapse. The program recognizes Azure Synapse Analytics community members who actively support others by sharing Synapse-related content, announcements, and product news via social media. 


The Azure Synapse Influencers program provides exclusive events and Q&A sessions like Ask the Experts with the product team, where members can interact directly with product experts by asking any questions on various rotating topics. 


Here are some of the comments program members have shared about their excitement with the program: 



Wolfgang Strasser – “What I really like about being a Synapse influencer is getting in touch with people interested in and working with one of my favorite technologies, Synapse Analytics!”




Simon Whiteley – “It’s a growing community so more and more people are helping each other out, asking questions, answering questions, and helping out when you’re stuck.” 


Diponkar Paul – “My favorite activity as a Synapse Influencer is to share all the Synapse subject with my community members!” 


Paul Hernandez – “the best part, you can get cool SWAGs like this mug which helps you convert coffee into data solutions” 


Watch the video clip below to hear what some of our Synapse Influencers are saying about the program.


Azure Synapse Analytics community members and advocates of all levels are welcome to join the Azure Synapse Influencer Program. Become an Azure Synapse Influencer today: 

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