Migrate Kubernetes workloads running on VM’s using Azure Migrate – Planning & Execution

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This post has been republished via RSS; it originally appeared at: New blog articles in Microsoft Community Hub.

This article details about a Lift and shift migration scenario which was tested successfully using Azure Migrate and is considered unique for two reasons.


  1. The Virtual Machines were running Kubernetes workloads and all kinds of databases like Postgres, MySQL, Mongo DB etc.
  2. IP retention was a prime requirement for the customer as they had certificates binded with the Load Balancer IP.


Customer had ~700+ Virtual machines running Kubernetes workloads from two environments (Dev and QA) and we migrated each environment in just a day and ensured that all the servers had their IP retained and their Kubernetes workloads started working exactly the same manner as how it used to work from on-premise. Planning of the migration (including replication time) etc went for 3 weeks and we migrated each environment over a weekend that included functional testing as well.  


Ofcourse, there was option to modernize the application by moving the workloads to AKS, but due to a strict migration timelines and customers inexperience in handling AKS we decided against it.

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