BingAds SDK December 2022 Release (V13.0.15)

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We are pleased to announce the following new features, improvements, and bug fixes in the BingAds SDK December 2022 Release (V13.0.15).  


Key Features 

  • New API Interfaces 
    • AdInsight API: 
      • GetTextAssetSuggestionsByFinalUrls 
      • GetRecommendations 
    • CustomerManagement API:  
      • New interface for SignupCustomer  
    • Reporting API:  
      • Hotel Ad reporting  
      • Video reporting 
    • CampaignManagement API:  
      • OnlineConversionAdjustment  
      • HotelAds 
      • New bidding schemes (PercentCpc, Commission) 
  • Bulk service 
    • Bulk support for OnlineConversionAdjustment  
    • Bulk support for Hotel Ad entities, i.e.  HotelAdvanceBookingWindowCriterion, HotelCheckInDayCriterion, HotelCheckInDateCriterion, HotelDateSelectionTypeCriterion, HotelLengthOfStayCriterion and HotelListingGroup 
    • Bulk Support for UseOptimizedTargeting, HotelAdGroupType, CommissionRate and PercentCpcBid in BulkAdGroup  

Release notes  


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