Lesson Learned #281: Export fails due to system out of memory exception

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We found today an out of memory exception raised by SQL Server Management Studio exporting a database. This exception may occurs because, for performance improvement the export process, this process uses memory to extract schema model and depending how large is your schema objects definition, for example, how many tables, contraints, indexes, etc.. you could reach this error message. 


To avoid this specific exception, using the parameter /p:Storage=File with SqlPackage redirect the backing storage for the schema model used during extraction to storage instead of memory. Use the following command line to include /p:Storage=File - sqlpackage.exe /Action:Export /ssn:tcp:<ServerName>.database.windows.net,1433 /sdn:<DatabaseName> /su:<UserName> /sp:<Password> /tf:<TargetFile> /p:Storage=File


Also, you could find more information here



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