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The MVP Program has a long-term commitment to skilling through technical communities. In this interviews series focusing on skilling initiatives, we will be highlighting MVPs who actively contributes to the Skilling Program.


Vlad Catrinescu, Canada




Tell us a little about yourself. What is your focus as an MVP and what do you do professionally?

“I’m an Microsoft 365 Apps and Services MVP which the name of the official category. The category is quite big, but I specialize in the Microsoft 365 collaboration stack, mostly from an IT PRO point of view. You will often see me speaking about Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, PowerShell, and more. Professionally I work as an Independent Consultant and I’m also and author at Pluralsight.”


Why is skilling important and why do you want to contribute to skilling the broader community?

“I believe that technology can really empower everyone to be more productive, as well as to advance in their career – but they must know how to use it! Getting a solid foundation in technology and skilling up can be tough, especially if you do it yourself and not in a formal environment. I hope that the content I create helps take out some of that confusion on where to start and helps everyone create their own training plan to achieve their goals. I can definitely say that speaking at conferences and creating online training has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have done, as I feel I really have an impact on someone, and that impact is multiplied when they use the technology to help others.”


How do you share your knowledge when skilling people?

“I try to be active on every channel, but if I had to choose a few I would say first of all, I have over 60 courses on an online on-demand platform called Pluralsight, and you can find all of them over here: I am also starting my YouTube channel at and finally, my study guides for Microsoft Certifications which you can find at

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