Azure Marketplace supports simulators for Bonsai AI training

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Azure Marketplace Support for Microsoft Bonsai AI




Industrial simulator applications are key to using the Microsoft Bonsai AI toolchain successfully. Simulators provide the required data samples for learning an intelligent control policy and must be executed many times in parallel to allow a reasonable training time. While the Bonsai simulation service enables the parallel execution of these simulators, Bonsai now also provides a straightforward and viable commercial solution that our simulator partners can use to monetize their applications in connection with Bonsai AI.


Key takeaways:

  • For software vendors: Support for the Azure Marketplace allows independent software vendors (ISVs) to offer applications for customers to use with the Bonsai AI toolchain. Vendors get paid by Microsoft and have access to customer contact information and usage data.
  • For customers : With broad support from the ISV community, customers can easily access training environments for Bonsai AI projects using the Azure marketplace. Customers provision the environment using the Azure marketplace and only pay for the hours of simulation training time they use.


We’ve enabled the first set of independent software vendors (ISV) in the Azure Marketplace to offer their applications supporting a usage-based pricing model that is compatible with the Bonsai AI use case. Simulator platform monetization allows our simulation partners to transform their traditional per seat licensing model to an instance per hour model utilizing Bonsai’s simulation metering service along side any other commercial services the Azure Marketplace provides.


The Azure Marketplace is an online store that allows software vendors to publish applications and services so customers can easily purchase and deploy the solutions to their own Azure subscriptions. Microsoft provides the connection between buyers and sellers, bills the buyer, and pays out accrued software revenue to the publisher. The marketplace also let publishers develop direct relationships with their customers, delivers usage information of the offered software, and many other features that ensure a successful publisher experience. Users benefit from an easy-to-use software deployment workflow and the flexibility to purchase software when and how they need it.


We at Microsoft and our partners are also using the Azure Marketplace to publish easy to use examples that showcase Bonsai's value across industry use cases - material handling, chemical processes, logistics and so on.


Please check out the Azure Marketplace offers for Bonsai AI.  You will find software environments and examples published by Microsoft and our software partners.

Cyrill and the Bonsai AI ISV team

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