Microsoft Project Bonsai grows support for the Modelica ecosystem

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This post has been republished via RSS; it originally appeared at: New blog articles in Microsoft Community Hub.

In June, Bonsai integrated the FMI (Functional Mock-Up Interface) standard with drag and drop support for FMUs (Functional Mock-Up Units). Users responded positively to the FMU integration, which is seeing solid usage. As a result, Bonsai continues to test integration for other standards and functionality from the Modelica Association, including:


  • The Modelica language
  • System Structure and Parameterization (SSP)
  • Distributed Co-Simulation Protocol (DCP)
  • Functional Mock-up Interface for embedded Systems (eFMI)

We are excited to announce that OpenModelica, an open-source simulation development tool that supports the Modelica language, has been approved as a "Works With" simulation platform for FMU uploads in Bonsai.

We are working to integrate additional elements from the Modelica ecosystem, including support for third-party integrations like easySSP from eXXcellent solutions and the various third party language libraries that work with FMUs.  If you are using (or planning to use) tools or standards from the Modelica ecosystem to create autonomous control policies, we would love to hear from you! Please contact us through the Autonomous Systems - Microsoft Community Hub so we can discuss your use case and work together to integrate what you are doing with Microsoft Project Bonsai.

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