MidDay Café Returns with… Viva! The Employee Experience that delivers more… for less

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middayviva.png  MidDay Café is returning with weekly podcasts starting Monday 3/6 here at https://aka.ms/HLSBlog Each week we will cover a Microsoft Viva topic. The first 6 podcasts will dive into the Viva product set starting with an overview of the Viva suite as it stands today and then diving into the Viva aspects of Home, Connection, Insight, Purpose, and Growth. Following this initial 6 podcast focus we will then cover Viva updates, announcements, use cases, tips and tricks, and more.

Initial MidDay Café schedule:

  • Monday 3/6: Microsoft Viva Suite - The Employee Experience that delivers more... for less.
  • Monday 3/13: Microsoft Viva Connections Home - The entry point for the Employee Experience.
  • Monday 3/20: Connect, and Engage, Employees with Viva Connections, Engage, and the coming Amplify.
  • Monday 3/27: Insights - Improving productivity and wellbeing with actionable insights within the Viva Employee Experience.
  • Monday 4/3: Aligning people’s work to team and organizational goals (OKR's) with Viva Goals.
  • Monday 4/10: Helping employees learn, grow, and succeed within the Viva Employee Experience.

So, join us each Monday here for MidDay Café with Viva! The Employee Experience that delivers more with less.

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