Logic Apps Aviators Newsletter – May 2023

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Welcome to Logic Apps Aviators Newsletter - April 2023, the official monthly newsletter for Microsoft's Logic Apps Aviators community. Catch up on Microsoft news from us and our community.


In this issue:

Upcoming Events


Integrate 2023


Integrate is the World's Largest Microsoft Integration Tech Conference. It is a 3-day event bringing speakers from Microsoft Product Group and the Global Integration Community.

The conference is happening in person in London/UK from June 5-7, 2023, with an option for virtual attendance too. More information and tickets can be found on the event's page -  https://www.serverless360.com/integrate-2023/.


Logic Apps Aviators Day 2023


The inaugural Logic Apps Aviators Community day is a free virtual event driven by Microsoft, for anyone who wants to learn more about Logic Apps and how it can help to solve real life integration problems. In this full-day event, we will deep-dive into many aspects of Logic Apps with sessions from both Microsoft team and community. It is scheduled to run on June 22, 2023. Keep an eye on the event's web page for more information, including link to the steam and agenda, which will be published soon - https://aka.ms/logicappsaviatorsday.

News from our product group



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Logic Apps Developer Tool Survey


As we continue to improve the user experience of Logic Apps Standard, we'd like to learn more about your choice of development tools and practices, which will help us in prioritizing future investments. You can help by filling in this quick survey.



Azure Logic Apps Data Mapper - Public Preview


We have recently released Data Mapper for public preview on Visual Studio Code Marketplace. This new visual data transformation tool allows for customers to create and edit maps between source and target schemas. Data Mapper provides a modernized experience for XSLT authoring and transformation that can be called from workflows in a logic app project.

Scenario 2.png


Azure Logic Apps Data Mapper Patterns: Conditional Mapping

In this post, we will focus on conditional mapping scenarios and demonstrate how to use the equals, If and If else functions.



Enabling SNA Application with Azure Integration Services


 During the 20-year period when SNA was the primary networking method, it is estimated that 30 trillion US dollars were invested building SNA based Mainframe application programs. Considering those investments in SNA applications, these programs will still be used for many years to come. As recoding these applications is often impractical and cost prohibitive, Azure Logic Apps and Host Integration Server provide ways to integrate with those legacy Applications that support Business Mission Critical systems in different industries today. 



Export to Logic Apps Standard – Latest Improvements


The Logic Apps Standard extension in VS Code provides a feature that allow customers to export workflows from Integration Services Environment (ISE) or Consumption SKUs to a Logic Apps Standard VS Code project. Find the latest updates in the tool, including a new set of converters and improvements on handling of child workflow conversion logic




Integrate logic apps with SQL server by API connection using credentials kept in key vault


This blog introduces the detailed procedures to Integrate logic apps with SQL server by API connection using credentials kept in key vault.


News from our community:


LogicAppsUnit - A Logic App Unit Test Framework  

Post by Mark Abrams


LogicAppUnit is a testing framework that simplifies the creation of automated unit tests for Standard Logic Apps running in a local development environment, or in a build server as part of a DevOps pipeline.


Deploying Logic Apps Standard and Functions with Azure Developer CLI  

Post by Marnix Cox


A sample template to deploy Azure Logic Apps Standard and Azure Functions applications, using the Azure Developer CLI (azd).


Removing BOM from a JSON file after transform  

Post by Mark Brimble


The Transform JSON to JSON Logic App action is adding a BOM and I have shown how to work around this.


Throwing Custom Exceptions Inside Logic Apps using default capabilities  

Post by Sandro Pereira


In this blog, I will speak about “How to throw exceptions inside Logic Apps using default capabilities”. Let’s get started!




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