Cloud testing at Microsoft Build 2023, Videos available on-demand!

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In case you missed any of these sessions, check out the Microsoft Build content for Azure Load Testing, Azure Chaos Studio, and Playwright - now on-demand!! 

Learn how to use these developer tools, hear best practices and tips to get started, and re-play the AMAs with the engineering teams.


Featured sessions: 

Inject the power of the cloud and AI into your development workflow
Speakers: Amanda Silver, Leslie Richardson, Isidor Nikolic, Shayne Boyer

Join Amanda Silver and friends to see the exciting new advancements in developer tooling that will enable your team to onboard new developers faster and equip them with everything they need to get coding and be more productive while writing code. See how you can use Dev Box and Deployment Environments, along with Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, and GitHub Copilot to supercharge your productivity.


Building and scaling cloud-native, intelligent applications on Azure 
Speakers: Brendan Burns, Mandy Whaley and Scott Hunter 

Learn how to run cloud-native serverless and container applications in Azure using Azure Kubernetes Service and Azure Container Apps. We help you choose the right service for your apps. We show you how Azure is the best platform for hosting cloud native and intelligent apps, and an app using Azure OpenAI Service and Azure Data. Learn all the new capabilities of our container platforms including how to deploy, test for scale, monitor, and much more.


Discussion sessions (Teams recordings): 

Application reliability with Azure Load Testing and Chaos Studio, Q&A

Speakers: Jennifer Perret, Shrunga Malavalli, and Clemens Reijnen (Capgemini)

Ensuring the reliability of your services requires you to be able to test for the unexpected. With Azure Load Testing and Chaos Studio, your team can bring all your worst-case scenarios to life as drills.


Automated cloud application testing with Microsoft Azure and Playwright, Q&A

Speakers: Debbie O'Brien, Jennifer Perret, Max Schmitt

Automated cloud testing is a key enabler for agile and DevOps practices, but it requires a shift in mindset and culture. Join the Azure developer team in a discussion about implementing an automated cloud testing strategy that leverages inner-source, CI/CD, and test automation.


Developer career tools: Saying NO to improve mental health, Q&A

Speakers: Debbie O'Brien, Scott Hanselman with Justin Yoo

Join a discussion with Debbie O'Brien and Scott Hanselman on finding the life-work balance that works for you, challenging yourself and finding motivation as a developer, and her path to overcoming imposter syndrome.


Pre-recorded sessions: 

e2e testing with Playwright

Speaker: Debbie O'Brien

Join us to catch up on all things new in Playwright in recent months, from the new locators API to the Visual Studio Code extension, as well as the new UI Mode which features watch mode and time travel debugging.


Deep dive on Azure Load Testing in CI/CD

Speakers: Nagarjuna Vipparthi and Nikita Nallamothu

Take a deep dive into Azure Load Testing to optimize your infrastructure, ensure your application and services are resilient to severe spikes in customer traffic, and pay for only what you need. Learn how to establish your Service Level Indicators (SLIs), identify performance bottlenecks, and catch regressions by running load tests as part of your continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) workflow. Get started quickly – or use your existing JMeter test scripts.


Post-Build meetup:

Let's talk Playwright with the Playwright team

Speakers: Andrey Lushnikov, Debbie O'Brien, and Max Schmitt 

Ask us anything about Playwright features, best practices, challenges, and what is new in Playwright.

Streamed live from the Reactor building in Seattle, join Debbie, Max and Andrey and let's chat Playwright.


Demo content: 

We also had some hands-on labs and live demos that weren't recorded - but - you can access the full demo steps here.



Let us know what you think!

Please leave a comment below with any feedback or questions on any of these sessions or any of the resource links shared. 



Happy testing! 

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