Microsoft Quarterly Cyber Signals Report: Issue 5, State of Play

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Welcome to Microsoft’s fifth edition of Cyber Signals. Cyber Signals is a quarterly cyber threat intelligence report informed by the latest Microsoft threat data and research, offering an expert perspective into the current threat landscape, while discussing trending tactics, techniques, and strategies used by the world’s most prolific threat actors. 


At Microsoft, we believe that security is a team sport and by sharing what we’re learning, we can all make the world a safer place. Cyber Signals aggregates insights we see from our research and security teams on the frontlines, leveraging trillions of daily signals to provide guidance and security insights into the threat landscape.  


Opportunistic threat actors exploit target-rich environments 

This edition of Cyber Signals explores how threat actors exploit high-profile events, particularly in connected environments, introducing cyber risk for organizers, facilities, and attendees. The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) found that sports organizations are increasingly targeted, with 70% of those experiencing at least one attack per year, higher than the United Kingdom’s business average.  


Pressure to ensure smooth events increases stakes. Misconfigured devices, passwords, or third-party connections can lead to breaches. The report shares how Microsoft supported a major world sporting event and first-hand learnings on attacks across venues, teams, and their infrastructure. With the global sports market valued at more than 600 billion dollars, the target is rich.


Learn more in the latest issue of Cyber Signals on how organizations can help defend against these types of attacks, gain insights on common security challenges from Principal Group Manager Justin Turner, Microsoft Security Research, and visit Security Insider to explore additional resources.

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