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Welcome back to the HLS blog for the monthly recap: April edition. Just like last month, we have a ton of resources here for you. Whether it's the healthcare bot, "Show Me How" posts, recorded and upcoming webcasts, or industry expert posts, hopefully you will find information that's applicable to you and your organization during these times. As always, reach out to us if you have any topic suggestions for May!


Healthcare Bot:

  • Connect Microsoft Healthcare Bot to Twilio for SMS - Nikita Pitliya, Microsoft Data & AI Solution Architect and John Brown, Microsoft Azure Cloud Architect: Twilio allows us to establish a connection such that patients can interact with the Healthcare Bot via a simple text message. John and Nikita take us step-by-step through how to connect the Healthcare bot to Twilio's SMS service here.
  • Health Bot Service Insights - Todd Kitta, Chief Technical Architect, Microsoft Technology Center and Bryan Roberts, Microsoft Technical Architect, Azure Application DevelopmentAfter you have deployed the bot to your website and other channels, you really need to understand what people are doing and how it is potentially helping them. You might be augmenting or filtering the data elements captured by the bot. Todd and Bryan share how to make the most out of Application Insights here.
  • Microsoft Healthcare Bot Service for COVID-19 - Getting Started Video Series - Microsoft Cloud Solution Architects Nikita Pitliya, Ganesh Radhakrishnan, Steve Kaiser and Mark Perry, Microsoft Customer Success Director: This video series from the Microsoft Customer Success Team breaks down different aspects of the COVID-19 health bot solution.
    • Part 1: Getting Started: Overview, Templates and Next Steps
    • Part 2: Configure and Embed in a Web Page
    • Part 3: Using CDC-approved FAQ List
    • Part 4: The Admin Portal
    • Part 5: Reference Architecture



HLS "Show Me How" Posts:

    • Virtual Graduation with Microsoft Teams Live Events - Michael Gannotti, Microsoft Teams Principal Technical Specialist: With present restrictions in place that preclude gatherings, many students at Medical Schools, Universities, etc. are facing a year of graduating but without a ceremony. This post shows us how to use Microsoft Teams Live Events and PowerPoint to create a rich virtual appearance that honors the graduate and allows their loved ones to provide support and recognition.
    • Live Events Monitoring - Michael Gannotti, Microsoft Teams Principal Technical Specialist: Mike shows us how to monitor your Microsoft 365 live events, through Stream, Yammer and Teams. Find out what is being scheduled and who is doing the scheduling here.
    • Embedding Yammer Live Events and Microsoft Teams Live Events in SharePoint - Michael Gannotti, Microsoft Teams Principal Technical Specialist: Have you ever wondered how to deliver a live event through the intranet home page but produce it easily? Check out how to leverage Yammer Live Events to create videos that can span across your enterprise, even when you produce them through Microsoft Teams.
    • Microsoft 365 Live Events and Skype TX - Michael Gannotti, Microsoft Teams Principal Technical Specialist: Mike walks through what Skype TX is and how it intersects with Microsoft 365 Live Events. He also talks about the use of Newtek Tricasters as potential devices, along with a number of other Live Event scenarios here.
    • Two Ways to Keep up with the HLS Blog - Michael Gannotti, Microsoft Teams Principal Technical Specialist: Want to know how to stay up to date on the information in this HLS blog? Mike shows us how to use both built-in membership following and RSS feeds and connectors to do so. Take a look. 
    • Use Power Automate with Azure SQL DB to Trigger a Power BI Import Dataset Refresh - Greg Beaumont, Microsoft Senior Technical Specialist, Power Platform: Self-service Power BI users who need to trigger Dataset Refreshes from unpredictable data sources can be granted access to a centrally managed and carefully curated Azure SQL Database containing simple trigger files for data sources in an organization. How? Greg shows us here.
    • Combine Azure Synapse and Power BI RLS to Analyze Aggregated Data while Controlling Granular PII - Greg Beaumont, Microsoft Senior Technical Specialist, Power Platform: This article is the fourth in a series exploring how Power BI paired with Azure data tools creates a flexible, scale-able, and achievable healthcare analytics architecture:
      • #1 - Unleash Massive Healthcare Data Volumes to Analytics using Power BI Aggregations
      • #2 - Control PII and Sensitive Data Risk for Self-Service BI using Power BI DataFlows and Azure Data Lake
      • #3 - Microsoft Azure Information Protection Secures Power BI Data Exports for a Seamless DLP Strategy
      • #4 - Combine Azure Synapse and Power BI RLS to Analyze Aggregated Data while Controlling Granular PII



Upcoming Webcasts:

  • Breakout Rooms in Teams: Have you ever wondered how to use Microsoft Teams for breakout rooms to fit your virtual training needs? On Thursday, May 7th, at 12 noon eastern, join Tim Hadley, Microsoft Customer Success Manager, as he discusses the common use cases for breakout rooms, and walks through the steps for the three options available for you to use today. Details here.
  • Microsoft Teams Security Webcast: On Wednesday, May 13th, at 12 noon eastern, join Microsoft's Senior Technical Specialists Craig Eidelman and Pete Anello as they discuss how to secure Microsoft Teams for your organization. Bring your questions about the app itself, user identities, data being shared, and meetings security. Check it out.



Webcasts Recorded:

  • Emergency Response Data Tracking to Maximize Critical Resources: On Tuesday 4/7/2020, Microsoft's Technical Specialists Chauncey Larsen and Holly Kelly walked us through how Healthcare Providers can use the PowerPlatform to instantly report on resource availability, including hospital beds, equipment in use, and other facility needs. Check out the recording and resources.
  • Patient Family Virtual Connect: On Thursday 4/9/2020, Microsoft’s Jim Warner and Scott Cranfill presented a way for healthcare providers to enable their hospitalized and isolated patients to connect virtually with family and friends. Jim and Scott showed us an end-to-end solution that enables chat, audio, and video in this webcast.
  • Microsoft 365 Live Events How-To and Deep Dive Q&A: On Tuesday, 4/14/2020, Microsoft’s Sam BrownPete Anello, and Michael Gannotti, hosted a webcast about Live Events in Microsoft 365. We covered the three basic methods of delivering and consuming live events (Teams, Yammer and Stream) as well as administration and network considerations here.
  • Virtual rounding using Microsoft Teams V2: This is an open source solution to support virtual rounding with Microsoft Teams. Microsoft’s Max Fritz showed us the V2 iteration of his solution that takes advantage of the Microsoft Power Platform and better enables clinicians to scale their reach, minimize clinician potential exposure to contagions, and help conserve on personal protective equipment (PPE) here.



Industry Expert Posts:

  • Year of the Nurse and Midwife Series
    • Episode 4: National Volunteer Week: As we approached National Volunteer Week (April 19-25), hear personal volunteer stories from Microsoft’s Chief Nursing Information Officer and Director of HLS Industry Solutions, Kathleen McGrow and Microsoft's National Director of US HLS and Chief Nursing Officer Molly McCarthy.
  • Three Ways to use virtual tools to support your employees' well-being: Microsoft's Shawn Remacle, Director of Industry Engagement, tells us about three ways that leaders can empower and support their employees: providing emotional support, quickly surface concerns and issues and reestablishing team camaraderie. Read all about it here
  • Confessions of Health Geeks Podcast with Claire Bonaci
    • You can call me HAL9000: Tom Lawry, Microsoft's National Director for Artificial Intelligence in Health & Life Sciences, busts myths about AI and HR. This is not your parents' 2001 AI.
    • Understanding Health Plans: On episode 1, Sam Robinson, National Director of US Health Plan Industry, talks about social determinants of health and the relevance in today's society.
  • Social Sessions with Mike Gannotti:
    • Episode 1: In this inaugural Social Session, Mike Gannotti introduces this series with No Agenda, No Takes, and No Rules. Katie Coriell and Fabian Williams mix the entertaining with practical information. They speak about their solution for capturing, and visualizing, sentiment analysis around current healthcare concerns with Azure and Power BI. Along the way we get to know their professional journeys, recent trips to the arctic and more!
  • Why Legacy Telephony solutions fell short during the pandemic - Samir Thapa, Senior Microsoft Teams Technical Specialist: Samir has seen his healthcare customers struggle with their legacy telephony solutions during this pandemic, and wants to enable organizations to use Microsoft Teams cloud service as a phone. In this article, he explains why simplifying your communications infrastructure can transform your business.



Resource Summaries:

  • Resources from Microsoft Teams Day Online Virtual Conference - Michael Gannotti, Microsoft Teams Principal Technical Specialist: On 4/8/2020, Mike spoke as part of the Microsoft Teams Day virtual conference. Here he links to all the resources for the topics covered.
  • Microsoft Teams: Security and Compliance Resources - Jeremy Windmiller, Microsoft Senior Technical Specialist: Over the past month, most healthcare organizations have adopted Microsoft Teams at some level in order to support clinical collaboration and work from home scenarios. In an effort to support customers during this time, we provided guidance here for security and compliance in Microsoft Teams.


April's HLS Blog Contributors:


Claire Bonaci, Director, Business Development, Health and Life Sciences



Greg Beaumount, Senior Technical Specialist, Microsoft Power Platform



Michael Gannotti, Principal Technical Specialist, Microsoft Teams



Nikita Pitliya, Microsoft Data & AI Solution Architect



Mark Perry, Microsoft Director, Customer Success



John Brown, Azure Cloud Architect



Todd Kitta, Chief Technical Architect, Microsoft Technology Center



Bryan Roberts, Microsoft Technical Architect, Azure Application Development



Steve Kaiser, Microsoft Cloud Solution Architect



Jeremy Windmiller, Microsoft Senior Technical Specialist, Security and Compliance



Ganesh Radhakrishnan, Microsoft Cloud Solution Architect



Samir Thapa, Senior Microsoft Teams Technical Specialist



Thanks for reading and let us know how else our Microsoft team can help!

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