Microsoft Sentinel Jupyter Notebooks knowledge check test

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Microsoft Sentinel leverages a common API to expand the SIEM’s native capabilities by providing access to external tools such as Jupyter notebooks and Python. Jupyter extends the scope of what you can do with data in Microsoft Sentinel. It combines full programmability with a huge collection of libraries for machine learning, visualization, and data analysis to enhance investigations and threat hunting.


To improve your skills on Microsoft Sentinel Notebooks, this four-part training series is a great place to start. We are pleased to announce the availability of a self-test resource to help you check your knowledge around the subject! This test is targeted at the beginner to intermediate levels of expertise. If you already have some knowledge and experience with Jupyter Notebooks for Microsoft Sentinel, use this resource to gauge your level of expertise.


  1. Take the knowledge check here.
  2. If you score 80% or more in the knowledge check, you can expect to receive a participation certificate from us. If you achieved less than 80%, please review the questions that you got wrong, study more and take the assessment again.


Please provide us with feedback on how we can improve the test and the related training modules.


Note: It can take up to one business day for you to receive your certificate via email.


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