Join us for the Azure Virtual Desktop Master Class on Jan 25th, 2022!

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I'm excited to invite you to join me and my team on Tuesday, January 25th, 9 A.M. – 12 P.M. for the Azure Virtual Desktop Master Class! 

The free Azure Virtual Desktop Master Class digital event on January 25th is a great opportunity to expand your cloud desktop virtualization skill set.  You will learn best practices for deploying, optimizing, and managing your virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), and explore technical deep dives into the newest Azure Virtual Desktop features. You’ll also discover strategies for migrating your Remote Desktop Services, Citrix, and VMware VDI from on-premises to Azure—register now. 


Join Microsoft experts at this free digital event to:  

  1. Get best practices for deploying and operating Azure Virtual Desktop at scale.  
  2. Discover migration strategies for moving Remote Desktop Services, Citrix, and VMware virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) to Azure. 
  3. Learn how to optimize costs for your VDI environment.  
  4. Find out how to use Azure graphics processing unit (GPU) VMs for high-performance apps. 
  5. Get Azure security best practices for desktop virtualization. 


Register now! Azure Virtual Desktop Master Class 


Azure Virtual Desktop Master Class 

Tuesday, January 25, 2022 

9:00 AM–12:00 PM Pacific Time 


Delivered in partnership with Intel. 




Kam VedBrat 

Dean Cefola 

Welcome & what’s new with Azure Virtual Desktop 

10 min 

Jim Moyle 

Seneca Friend 

Best practices to deploy and operate Azure Virtual Desktop 

20 min 

Tom Hickling 

Azure security practices for desktop virtualization 

20 min 

Dean Cefola 

Dean’s favorite Azure Virtual Desktop things 

10 min 

Michel Roth 

Sparsh Agrawat 

Andy McLaughlin, Intel 

How to optimize costs for your Azure Virtual Desktop enviornmnet 

30 min 

Marc Wolfson 

Denis Gundarev 

Use the power of Azure GP VMs for high-performance apps 

20 min 

Dean Cefola 

How to get Azure Virtual Desktop certified 

10 min 

Vive Massy 

Mark Kristofik 

Kevin Nardone 

Mike Erb 

VDI migrations strategies with RDS, Citrix, & VMware 

30 min 

Claus Emrich 

Daryl Gwyn 

Understanding the differences between Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365 

20 min 


ON DEMAND (available after the event) 

Rick Manning 

Azure Virtual Desktop for Azure Stack HCI 

30 min 

Rick Manning 

James Westlake, Sage 

Josep Mascaro, Sage 

Hear from Sage on how to SaaS-ify apps with remote streaming 

30 min 

Mark Kristofik 

Kevin Nardone, Citrix 

Migration strategies with Citrix and Azure Virtual Desktop 

30 min 

Mike Erb, VMware 

Migrations strategies with VMware and Azure Virtual Desktop 

30 min 


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