MTC Weekly Roundup – December 30

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Hi everyone! Can you believe the year is already coming to an end? I don’t know about you, but this December *flew* by!


As we look ahead to 2023, my goal is to continue to feature more of our amazing community members and highlight events and content that will help you learn more about what’s new at Microsoft. Thank you for an amazing 2022, and I look forward to what the next year will bring for the MTC! 


Now, let’s dive into what’s been going on in the MTC for our last weekly recap of the year!


MTC Moments of the Week


For our last MTC Member of the Week of 2022, we are spotlighting a new member to the MTC, @XXplore, who joined us earlier this week and is already making helpful contributions in the Excel forum. Welcome, XXplore!


Over on the blogs this week, the Microsoft Excel Team is looking back on 2022 and all the Excel improvements, innovations, and highlights from the year, like Excel making its esports debut on ESPN in August.


And with the Microsoft Surface’s 10th birthday in the books, @Harshitha_Murthy reflected on the some of the most notable features, initiatives, and core principles that defined Surface and transformed organizations for the past decade.


Unanswered Questions - Can you help them out?


Every week, users come to the MTC seeking guidance or technical support for their Microsoft solutions, and we want to help highlight a few of these each week in the hopes of getting these questions answered by our amazing community!


In the Microsoft Teams forum, @Giovanni Rossi is seeking a way to allow admins to monitor which users are opted in/out from a specific call queue list (not a Teams channel).


Meanwhile, over in the Security, Compliance, and Identity (SCI) forum, @nopnop is looking for help with stopping unwanted alerts for low volume rules that have been turned off.


Have any tips for these MTC’ers?


Upcoming Events - Mark Your Calendars!


Start your 2023 off right and join us for one of these insightful sessions with Microsoft product experts and engineers!







Lastly, with the new year just a couple of days away, do you know the history behind why many people ring in the New Year with a champagne (sparkling wine) toast?


Well, champagne has a long history dating back to the 16th century, when it was reserved for royalty and the upper classes. Then, during the Industrial Revolution of the 1800s, production of champagne skyrocketed and bottle prices declined, so more people could access this “aspirational drink” to celebrate special occasions - like New Years!



With that, cheers to a marvelous weekend, and I wish you all very Happy New Year!

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